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There are many different types of transport available to shippers today to help move goods all over the world. Whether it is truckload shipping, LTL shipping, refrigerated shipping or flatbed shipping, each different type of transport can help benefit your company’s shipments. One type of transport, multimodal shipping, is overlooked by many companies and can help reduce costs and worry during a shipment.


Multimodal transport can benefit many businesses that ship large amounts of cargo on a normal basis. Using multimodal transport for your shipments can save you money while providing your goods with faster transit. Multimodal shipping is the combination of different types of transport to move a shipment. Multimodal shipments are broken up into different modes of transport that all fall underneath a single contract/bill of lading.

Other than saving money and time, there are many reasons your company should choose multimodal transport when planning your next shipment.

Easier Communicationmulti

When companies ship through multimodal shipping, they handle all shipping updates, delays and interactions through one provider and contract. This gives shippers an ease of mind and simplify the process of communicating between different contacts and carriers.

Provides Faster Transit Options

Due to new restrictions on truck drivers on driving hours and other regulations, some longer shipments are not as fast as they could be. Giving companies more options for their shipment gives the shipper control and flexibility over the loading and unloading process of their shipment and can help shippers find the best, most efficient way to ship their goods.

Extreme Cost Savings

Multimodal transport often saves shippers money through lower freight rates and lower cargo insurance costs. Multimodal is a great option for shippers when a certain route or mode is too expensive for their shipment.

Multimodal transport helps guarantee consumers on-time deliveries and true cost savings. Whether you are shipping by air, rail or barge, multimodal shipping can be a solution for you. Contact PLS today for a quote on your next multimodal shipment!


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